All Flags Are Grey

All Flags Are Grey


East London based Andrea Chamberlain and Leon Brown - aka All Flags Are Grey - have previously worked on musical projects together, and have now reconnected to create music, releasing their debut single Bare Bones, out now via Seven Wishbones.

Tackling ideas of addictive behaviour and self-inflicted loss, Bare Bones is about showing vulnerability and the feeling of isolation we all encounter at some point in our lives. An intense and cinematic creation, the track flows with pounding beats and the twinkling whirr of electronic melodies alongside Chamberlain’s beguiling, soulful vocals. It’s a truly enchanting sonic delight.

Not only is frontwoman Andrea Chamberlain a skilled artist and musician, she also has an impressive entrepreneurial spirit. She currently co-owns a boutique publishing company that’s partnered with a label in Japan, and has had numerous releases across Asia.

With their previous musical ventures receiving acclaim from the likes of MTV, NME and Kerrang!, All Flags Are Grey often explore ideas of the sexualisation and objectification of women in their work. Now, with this latest project, they hope to create innovative performance art, using visuals and film to enhance the poignant message that they convey through their music. Prepare to be utterly blown away!

Bare Bones, the debut single from All Flags Are Grey, is out now via Seven Wishbones.