"...where Nordic sensitivity and pop vibes fuse.” - IDOL Magazine

"...beguiling...” - The 405

Growing up in the early ‘90s in a small village outside of Aarhus, Denmark, Asbjørn (aka Asbjørn Toftdahl), was unable to mirror himself in the masculine ideal. He looked to strong women like Madonna and Beyoncé for inspiration. Now based in Berlin, and with new album Pseudo Visions out now via Sinnbus, he is breaking with gender conventions, and expressing his identity on his own terms.

The album’s title refers to the moments in life that are so intense the line between reality and fantasy becomes blurred, creating a strange middle state of intense surrealism. It was recorded in three chapters, each chapter consisting of four songs that tell their own story shaped by the events of Asbjørn’s life. The songwriting process also involved audiences across Europe, helping to highlight and develop the tunes as they took shape based on the crowd’s reaction.

Pseudo Visions is cerebral pop. The type of pop that allows Asbjørn to express himself, on his own terms with intricate backing tracks performed and produced by the multi-instrumentalist himself. His sound ranges from dark intellectual pop to off-kilter trip pop that feels somewhere between Liss and Sohn. ’The Love You Have In You’ has already become a fan favourite, and tracks such as ‘Brotherhood’, ‘RYB’ and ‘Call Me By My Name’ showcase a heartfelt minimalist electronica that allows Asbjørn’s emotive voice to shine through.

Pseudo Visions is out now via Sinnbus.

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