Atlas : Empire

Atlas : Empire


Progressive rock band Atlas : Empire released their second EP, Somnus, on August 12th via Cold War Legacy Records.

The band were formed in the summer of 2011 by ex The Ocean Fracture’s Steven Gillies (Guitar, Vocals), multi- instrumentalist, and This Silent Forest’s, Jamie Sturt (Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Electronics) and Dave Stephen (Bass, Vocals). In October of that year Atlas : Empire were born when they found permanent drummer Jonny Gormley, before adding a third guitarist in March 2012 when ex Pareto and Sucioperro member, Dave Aird, joined the band.

Atlas : Empire cite the influence of Aereogramme, The Dear Hunter and Oceansize in the evolution of their sound, and this is characterised by their unerring ability to create music that is both spacious and abrasive - a sound that many of their influences would be proud of.

Following on from their debut EP, To the Astronaut, Somnus further cements the loud, abrasive atmosphere that has become synonymous with the band. Tracks such as forthcoming single Mitchy Valentino Sleeps with the Fishes sum up Atlas : Empire’s sound perfectly - as echoing vocals are electrified by chugging distorted chords, incessant, sharp drumming and time changes galore.

The band show an impressive versatility throughout the record as they straddle various genres with ease. Post-hardcore sits neatly alongside the Maybeshewill inspired post-rock of ‘Keep This In The Shallows’, while Somnus is sprinkled with the eclectic spirit and instrumental ambience of Oceansize.

Somnus was recorded live in one night at Lo Fi Studios in Glasgow with engineer Neil Martin, before being mixed and mastered by producer Oz Craggs (Feed the Rhino, Jairus, Secondsmile). The EP will kickstarted a busy second half of the year for Atlas:Empire as they embarked on a Scottish tour in August to support the release and will be taking on a UK- wide tour in October.

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