Brave Little Note

Brave Little Note


Brave Little Note is musician JacquelineJackIrvine’s musical moniker. She released single Grrrl Trouble, a song written as a reaction to Donald Trump, on his inauguration day.

Jack describes the track as “a visceral, emotional response - triggered by the election of Donald Trump - to her personal experiences of misogyny.” That “visceral” feeling is felt throughout the track’s dark energy as Jack whispers “got some girl trouble? I’ll give you fucking girl trouble.” The song never lets up with feelings of anger and confusion surfacing throughout.

Jack tends to follow her instincts when it comes to music but there are strange, serendipitous moments, which seem to often arise too as she describes: “When I was working on my first ever solo song, I was downloading a japanese flute track for another project at the same time. It started playing alongside the track I was working on and wove in perfectly both in time and harmony.” Jack uses her intuition and honest emotionality when writing, which is evident on Grrrl Trouble.

Outside of Brave Little Note, Jack is no stranger the to the scene. She composes music for film and TV, is a member of Idlewild’s Rod Jones’ side project The Birthday Suit and also collaborates with many other artists including Kenny Anderson of King Creosote.

Brave Little Note’s single Grrrl Trouble is out now.

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