Callum Easter

Callum Easter


“...endearingly catchy."
- Dork

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Callum Easter creates an emotive, vast soundscape on his brand new EP, Get Don’t Want, out now via Soulpunk.

Impossible to pigeonhole, Callum Easter is able to conjure an electrifying and eclectic fusion of sounds on Get Don’t Want. Combining the profound spoken word observations of John Cooper Clarke with a rich musicality, this EP showcases the vast expanse of what Easter is capable of, not-to-mention leaving you with a lasting memory of a unique artist.

Opening with the raw, uplifting, blues rock sounds of ‘Feelings Gone’, the EP then transcends into something quite different. Think of Syd Barrett dancing a zombie foxtrot with Alex Harvey in Lee Scratch Perry's front parlour whereas Get Don’t Want provides a wonderfully rich, dystopian soundscape.

As ‘Want It Sometime’ oozes glitchy beats alongside impassioned spoken word vocals, ‘Chemo Bells’ is filled with a disturbing yet alluring cacophony of sounds. The following tracks ‘Second Space’ and ‘Imaginary People’ continue in this vein, pulsating with eerie, jilted beats and profound poetic observations, creating an intense sense of impending doom.

However, Get Don’t Want goes full circle. Closing track ‘Little Burden’ flows with bluesy harmonica and gentle fairground melodies, reminiscent of Devendra Banhart’s early work, thus sandwiching the dark glitchy filling of this EP with something softer and more palatable.

Musician, poet, producer and songwriter, Callum Easter’s talents are wide-ranging and showcased exquisitely on Get Don’t Want - a creation that’s sure to propel him to success.

Get Don’t Want is out now via Soulpunk.

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