Cancel The Astronauts

Cancel The Astronauts


Cancel The Astronauts are a five-piece from Edinburgh. The music made by Matthew Riley (vocals/guitars), Kieran McCaffrey (guitar), Michael Craig (synth), Chris Kay (drums) and Neil Davidson (bass) is playful, hook-heavy indie-pop in the same vein as Irish band Cutaways and Scottish compatriots Tango In The Attic.

"Definitely a group to keep an eye on!"
- The Music Slut

Cancel The Astronauts have an eager sincerity to their sound - honest, fun, but tinged with a melancholy note of knowing. Lyrics such as “there are things I don’t understand myself / and things I don’t wanna’ tell anyone else” hint at a kind of awkward self-awareness that resonates through the atmospheric synths, the jangly guitar lines and the gorgeous cadences of Riley’s vocals.

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