Captain Casanova

Captain Casanova


Captain Casanova return with their powerful new single Set Us Straight, out now via Tapetown Records.

“The song is an outburst of frustration and confusion over a turbulent relationship,” explains vocalist and guitarist Rasmus Bredvig. “Everyone who’s been in one will know exactly how it feels.” Set Us Straight is part of Tapetown’s Live Singles, where the record label have comprised live tracks from bands featured on Tapetown Records accompanied with a live video. Being a live recording, the single showcases the band’s intensity and attitude.

Rasmus’ grunge inflected vocals along with the band’s willingness to play hard and fast demonstrates their ability to play live and sets the tone for what’s to come for Captain Casanova. The band channel a 90s alt-rock sound akin to The Breeders and Nirvana, whilst drawing comparisons to label mates Federal Unicorn who add a contemporary edge to their music whilst steering clear of society’s norm.

The band’s live shows are intense and exciting and touring has taken them all over Europe, playing more than 150 live shows in just over two years. The fact that Rasmus can badly sprain his ankle during a stage dive and continue to play, is a testament to how much this band enjoy connecting with their audience live. Set Us Straight is full of chaos and charisma and is guaranteed to give Captain Casanova a platform to carry on doing what they do best.

Set Us Straight is out now via Tapetown Records.

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