Comic book fans, collectors and creators rejoice for there is a new website coming this July that makes it easier than ever to start building your collection, track down that rare first print edition of your favourite series or sell those comics you found in the attic that might just be worth a fortune. Do you write or draw your own comic - even better! Now you can sell directly to your readers.

Founder, Pete from Genepool, made the following statement regarding his exciting new venture:

“We were getting frustrated with some of the existing marketplace avenues for buying and selling comic books - and thought it was time something a bit more dedicated was developed. We wanted to make something easy for everyone to use that didn't cost the earth in commissions and had no hidden costs.

So for the last year we have been importing core comic books into the system - and will be adding more every day. Our array of search functions mean anyone can find a comic book on Comichaus to buy or sell. And if it doesn't exist as yet - we have made it possible to add or edit any comic book you want”

Comichaus was developed by indie record label and distributor Genepool, who have been releasing and supporting emerging musical talent since 2003. With help from hardcore comic collectors and some of the most dedicated comic book historians in the business, they’ve created an ever expanding online database that allows people to list any comic book for sale. By adding new listings, users are rewarded with Comichaus points, with the top contributor receiving exclusive prizes at the end of every month.

Listing a comic is absolutely free, with Comichaus charging a meagre 8% commission for every sale made using their online comic book marketplace. The more listings that are made, the more expansive the database becomes, helping comic book fans keep an eye on the fluctuating market, and track down those rare editions that may be missing from their collection.

Comichaus launches on 1st July 2015 and will be run alongside Genepool in the pop culture market. They hope to help undiscovered comic talent in the same way as their sister company has helped musicians.

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