Dead Boy Robotics

Dead Boy Robotics


“…like 65daysofstatic hacking at the innards of the original Dr Who theme”
- The Skinny

There is an exquisite darkness in Edinburgh that is slowly rising to the surface to take over the light, seeping on to the spectrum by way of Dead Boy Robotics’ intense synth-rock sound. Their sophomore album New Cells wrestles with themes of paranoia, armageddon, exploration and the self. No stone in the soul is left unturned.

Following their self titled debut album in 2011, the band returned to their sanctuary to regenerate, leaving behind the laptops and broken synths that defined their first release and taking on guitar, bass and drums. They still retain that glorious mix of retro and the modern, pushing instruments to their limits in a haze of reverb and powerful riffs as vocals soar over the music like a demonic choir. This is dark pop at its best, demonstrated to full effect on tracks such as ‘Rise’, dance-floor friendly ‘Echo’, 80s inspired ‘Bathysphere’ and the slow and creeping build of album title-track ‘New Cells’.

Recorded at Tape, Edinburgh, and mastered in New York, New Cells is the mark of a band that have found their way on the dark path of electro rock, with pulsing beats reminiscent of HEALTH and Mew, but with dark undertones that bear comparison to The Horrors at their loudest.

New Cells is out now via Brothers Grimm.

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