Deathbells are primed to unleash their own brand of chaos infused rock on the UK with their debut EP, Back To The Needle released 5th May 2014 via Holy Smokes Records.

A nightmarish collection of smut soaked imagery entrenched in a Hubert Selby Jr landscape, Back To The Needle is a raw and powerful debut EP. Guitars and synths shriek with the intensity of hobnail boots on marble, but the songs are constructed in such a way that you find yourself jonesing for more while turning the stereo up. Opening track, “Strippers Don’t Give Change” sets the tone for the rest of the release, before descending into the foot-stomping rock hooks spiked throughout “Bar-L”. There’s more than a swirl of psychedelia in third track “Glow”, which showcases the groups masterful use of synth to add another dimension to their sound. EP-closer “Money Making Sequel” lives up to the old adage, leaving listeners wanting more while ending the record with a bang.

The Glasgow based five-piece consisting of Sam Good aka Sista Midnight (synth and vocals), Sergio Bentley (bass and vocals) Ja Ashwood (drums and vocals), Noah Settering (guitar and vocals) and Joeseph Vance (guitar and lead vocals) insist that they are just trying to write good songs - producing an emotional evolution of post punk and industrial grunge with a smattering of synth thrown in for good measure. They came together after 3 of the band met receiving help for partial deafness at the city’s Stobhill Hospital, before renting out a former Christian radio broadcasting space to rehearse and write in. Sista Midnight was added to the line up after being seen arguing over a lucrative busking spot in the city’s west-end. The rest, as is they say, is history.

The resultant debut is a record full of large riff’s, seething synth noises, rumbling bass lines and lyrics about paranoia, self loathing and stories ripped right off the pavement. Whether you like it or not, Back To The Needle is difficult to ignore.

Back To The Needle is released 5th May 2014 via Holy Smokes Records.

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