Electric Ghost

Electric Ghost

Electric Ghost are have released their debut album, out now via Apollo Live.

The Scottish duo began to collaborate as an outlet from their other musical endeavours, creating a side project that has grown into something that is much, much more than just a hobby. Taking inspiration from iconic, anthemic rock bands, Sweet Wave Audio decided to write the record as if they were creating songs for film or television. With James Grant illustrating his talent for arrangements, the multi-instrumentalist produced a a collection of tracks which, in turn, he sent to Mark Sharp who later added the lyrics and melody.

The result is an album exploring themes of love, loss, hope and fear; themes we can all identify with as we traverse the difficult terrain of adulthood. The stirring, heartfelt music pours from the speakers with tracks such as official single Just Hold On opening with head nodding drum beats that are accented impressively by the gravely rock and roll vocals laid down by Sharp, and cleverly combined with an uplifting, memorable chorus. Throughout, Electric Ghost showcase their ability to write emotive rock music with a killer hook that compares favourably with iconic acts such as Big Star and Stereophonics.

Electric Ghost formed in 2017 following Mark Sharpe’s debut solo single ‘Fools’. With James Grant already working under the Sweet Wave Audio moniker, writing and creating instrumental music for TV and film, the duo combined their talents to produce a full album worth of songs they could firmly call their own.

Electric Ghost is out now via Apollo Live.

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