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Feldspar release their final single of 2014, Hang Your Head on 4th December. The single was the fourth and final instalment of singles that support their Compass tour.

Hang Your Head deals with politics, greed and corruption all wrapped-up neatly in Feldspar’s signature graceful vocal harmonies and elegant melodic framework. As singer Will Green sings out ‘every house was an investment for the lucky few who ruled the street’ he’s telling us about the most important message in the song. ‘It’s anger at the way a select few have turned the most basic of human needs, having a roof over our heads, into a way to get rich and thereby suppress the rest of the population,’ Green explains.

There’s also a second message here though, one about apathy and how society is distracted by the media, following consumerism religiously instead of looking up around us and dealing with what’s important. It may sound like heavy stuff but Feldspar’s beautiful songwriting makes this hard pill easier to swallow.

Although the four singles together don’t tell an overarching story, they demonstrate the band’s concern with songs that explore different sides of the human condition: heartache, lust, mortality, and anger.

Feldspar’s ambitious plan to release a single a month combined with their Compass tour is a glimpse into how far the band have come since their inception just over two years ago when Will Green, Ben Lloyd-Evans, Woody Feldwick, James Forster and Jonny Burgess first started performing together.

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