Festival Spectacles

Festival Spectacles


Festival Spectacles are based on a fab pair of vintage sunglasses that Heti discovered whilst perusing around Portobello Road last year... Heti's background lies in colour and trend forecasting. Always on the look out for something new and kooky, instinctively she felt that these round glasses reflecting the styles of the seventies would be making a massive comeback in 2011 – big time!

When Heti showed GiGi her newly discovered treasures, GiGi, in her creative Rock Chick wisdom, just knew that they would totally be a hit with festival goers and stylsitas alike.

Heti & GiGi both fell in love with the glasses, decided to create and produce their own unique version, put them in a nice orange bag and name them Festival Spectacles…

Festival Spectacles in the press...