"...the track captures the very best of '80s New Wave electronica..."
- The 405

Fjørds single Sulwyn was released via Crookedman Records. The single’s name is pronounced sill-win, and is a traditional Welsh christian name that means 'bright as the sun'.
Drawing on influences that range from Japan, Gary Numan, Joy Division and Simple Minds, Sulwyn marks a shift towards a more thoughtful late seventies, early eighties sound. Singer and guitarist Sonny Dagur penned the lyrics whilst in Brooklyn, and describes the song as a letter to himself. The song captures the essence of 80s New Wave electronica, with minimalist bass and drums providing a counterpoint to the fluid and full bodied guitars and synth. All of this comes to a head in Sulwyn’s chorus, when the band work together to create a surge of timeless musical euphoria. The track was recorded at Monnow Valley and is Fjørd’s fourth independent release. The striking artwork that accompanies the release is by emerging digital artist Rognvald Leslie, from The Faroe Islands. 

Formed in 2010, the band came together following a Steve Lamacq interview on BBC 6 Music. At the time, Sonny’s previous band, Don’t Tread On Spiders, were breaking up, so Sonny seized the moment and used the Lamacq radio interview to advertise for band members. It wasn’t long until Alex Mann (bass & vocals), Gareth Bodman (synths & keyboards), Scott Bradburn (guitar) and Hannah Mathias (drums & drum pads) answered the call and formed with Sonny to create the band you hear now. 
Fjørds will be experimenting with new technologies to distribute this single, hosting a series of live Google Hangout chats as well as using QR Code and NFC tags on their posters to allow their fans in Cardiff to download their single for free. So keep your eyes open, and your smart phones at the ready.

Sulwyn is released via Crookedman Records and is available to buy on iTunes and to stream on Spotify.

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