Foreignfox have released the video for single, Quiet At Home. The track is taken from EP We Float Like Sinking Ships released in early 2014.

Setting the tone perfectly for the video, Quiet At Home begins as a lo-fi ethereal folk musing, before erupting into an alternative-rock rebel song, with powerful guitars and relentless drums. The lyrics rally against complacency, pointing a finger squarely at the noncommittal in society who have allowed corporations and politicians to create the urban dystopia in which we currently live. Combined with the video, the timing of the single couldn’t be better, with Scotland’s vote for independence, and the uncertain future whatever the outcome, looming on the horizon.

Foreignfox formed after a series of fortunately unfortunate events. Lead Singer and guitarist Jonny Watt and drummer Nick Hernandez had previously played together in bands since the age of 15. After some time, Jonny came face to face with some of the more darker elements of life which inspired his songwriting. What began as acoustic introversion evolved when Nick heard one of the songs and demanded to play a part on it. Mutual friend Lewis Hamilton (guitar / bass / keyboards) was then drafted in alongside Paul Devine (guitar / bass) to complete the line up.

Quiet At Home is available as a digital download on iTunes and can be streamed via Spotify.

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