“Raucous garage punk that stays just on the right side of unhinged…" - Clash

Following the success of previous single Thieves, rock and roll four-piece GANGS are now back with their pounding, riotous sound. Their latest single Dance With Your Own Bones is out now via Smooth Action Records.

Having shown their ability to fuse together the racing energy of garage rock with hazy psychedelic vibes, GANGS have established themselves as an anthemic indie-rock band combined with a fresh, contemporary attitude. Dance With Your Own Bones races with a raw energy alongside gritty vocals and relentless riffs; thunderous beats propelling the track into a raging oblivion before it comes to a sudden, screeching halt, leaving you hungry for more of its intense, reverb-fuelled power. 

GANGS were born out of the dregs of the bottom of a double Jack and Coke in 2016 as the band came together in the shadowy underbelly of Glasgow during its cold winter months. Comprised of Steven Young (vocals, guitar), Alan Davidson (guitar), Marc MacCallum (bass, vocals) and Stephen Forbes (drums), the band came together through their mutual love of all things rock & roll and quickly made their mark with a sold out debut show announcing them as ones to watch. In the short time they have been together the band have gained support from the likes of Clash Magazine, Tenement TV, Visions Magazin, Little Indie Blogs and renowned Scottish radio DJ Jim Gellatly.

Now, with two fantastic singles under their belt, and a slot at this years Tenement TV Trail confirmed, there’s no doubt that GANGS will be taking their distinctive, raucous sounds out of Glasgow and to the rest of the UK and beyond. 

Dance With Your Own Bones by GANGS is out now via Smooth Action Records.