Holy Pinto

Holy Pinto


Holy Pinto released EP Stenography via Monkey Boy Records / Get This Right.

EP opening track ‘Tooth’ wastes no time introducing you to the band’s unmistakable indie pop-punk sound, with catchy melodies that will give listeners no choice but to tap along. Songs begin with sharp, descending, staccato guitar riffs that continue to get heavier and more distorted as they progress, while guitarist and vocalist Aymen Saleh’s typically English vocals are on point throughout with honest and clever lyrics. ‘Swim’ and ‘Daughter’, the final two tracks on the EP, follow the same musical craftsmanship, with intricate guitar licks, well-crafted percussion and some rather quirky synth effects thrown in to make this release an irresistible package begging to be unwrapped.

Formed in late 2013 during their final years at college, Aymen Saleh (guitar & vocals) and Ryan Hurley (drums & backing vocals) holed themselves up in an abandoned mill in The Smiths’ hometown of Manchester and started writing music together. Inspired by bands such as The Front Bottoms, Death Cab For Cutie and Say Anything, they penned an erratically diverse set of songs; from happy to sad and from aggressive to breezy. After releasing two EPs within their first 8 months together, they took the time to establish themselves a touring act - travelling the UK many times over and very recently finding themselves in mainland Europe.

Stenography is out now via Monkey Boy Records in the UK and Get This Right in the US.

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