" album that so deftly marries the traditional and progressive, the personal and accessible." - 8/10, The Line of Best Fit

Hundreds single, Ten Headed Beast released via Sinnbus was a track taken from their second studio album, Aftermath.

It had been two years since their self-titled debut album was released and with Aftermath the band returned stronger than ever with the same, if not more, conviction, passion and excitement. Only a band like Hundreds could return with the same vigour whilst maintaining that enchanting, cool elegance that has become their signature sound and attitude.

Originally from Hamburg, sibling duo Eva and Philip Milner (aka Hundreds spent 18 months away from the World working on material for Aftermath. When they returned they had an album that perfectly captured the dynamic of their creative process, filled with grand emotions and hypnotic arcs of suspense, followed by quieter moments of introspection.  On the other side of this process of creation they still held on to their Electro roots, but also discovered a warmer, and more song-oriented sound that’s more organic than in previous offerings.

Aftermath is the story of opening up and letting go, growing older, but also of refreshing naivety and unconditional utopia. They’re sure to enchant fans both old and new with this stunning collection of tracks that have been years in the making.

Ten Headed Beast and Aftermath are out now via Sinnbus.