Law Holt

Law Holt


"Playful pop with sinister



"...explosive..." - The Line of Best Fit

Fresh from the release of debut album City, a UK tour with Mykki Blanco and love from Spin, DIY, Huck, The Skinny, The Line of Best Fit, Drowned in Sound, Notion and many more, Law Holt bookends the year with her mini album Gone, out now via Soulpunk.

Gone is the second part of the mini saga that began with City. Gone focusses on the biggest, most important subject, love, from the most personal viewpoint.

It’s Autumn going on Winter in the big city.

A young woman is starting her life, away from the constrictions of her family in a small town. Her new life feels like it starts because of a man. In a compact time period she develops a legend around their relationship. They’re going to get married. She pours everything into what they have, even though she knows it will never last, even though she knows he will move on... sooner rather than later. He doesn’t want her to photograph him, he seems frightened by her passion and her thirst.

He is dispassionate. But that’s okay, this is her story, not his - she’s got enough passion for two and more.

Law Holt, in a deep melancholy of browns and greys, channels that one room city living self exploration that happens when we are surrounded by millions of people we will never know. A sweeter Berlin tale. A caustic Sade in Lou Reed leathers.

Her voice is as individual as Macy Gray’s, as potent as an RnB diva who has absorbed the crystalline tones of Broadcast’s Trish Keenan then turned left and then left again into waters unchartered.

The UK seldom produces true soul voices. Law Holt stands outside the battle between X-Factor hollerers and cutesy-wootsy mandolin banging part-timers, with her back turned, looking towards the sunset over the rooftops, articulating that.

Mini album Gone is out now via Soulpunk.