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Le Very


Le Very released their debut EP Playground on 24th November 2014 via Zukunftmusik.

Le Very are pop. Electronic pop with corners and edges of their own. With brilliantly rigged breaking points. With a notorious tendency toward controversy.

With Playground, Le Very play with familiar stereotypes and pop-cultural references only to jump off at the last moment, turn a sharp corner, and take their sound in a totally unexpected direction.

Their first single, the dynamic EP title track, combines a stoic industrial beat with minimalistic stabs of guitar and an all-embracing polyphonic refrain. On the other end of the spectrum, the cynical peer-pressure hymn 'Marching On' morphs effortlessly from haunting jazz to a euphoric high-life choir, culminating in a striking saxophone solo. In the middle of it all, the orchestral theatrics of 'The Dive', featuring a remix kicked in by Brandt Brauer Frick, draws from roots-rock technonism, showcasing just how multi-faceted Le Very's sound can be.

The minds behind Le Very form an ensemble of artists with a keen predilection for the interdisciplinary clash of expressive forms. Le Very branches out its sensitive feelers in all creative directions, forming a larger than life cosmos of music, lighting, dance, and costume. They paint pictures out of music. At times monochrome, at times naïve and playful. A glam-golden pop bubble pulsing with a thousand different colours, ever-expanding, and brought to explosion on stage.

Playground incites a style war, which is not about right or wrong, but about love and hate and everything in between, and about just how far the concept of pop music can be pushed in the year 2014.

Playground was released via Zukunftmusik.

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