Leon Of Athens

Leon Of Athens


"…electronic pop songs inflected with folk…" - Guardian

Greece has always been a great source of inspiration for Leon of Athens aka Leon Veremis. In the current climate where the young generation is facing great challenges, more and more artists are finding refuge in creativity. This has resulted in a blooming indie scene in Athens which Leon is proud to be part of. Although he is currently based in London, he often returns to Greece to perform, where he is widely known.

Leon Of Athens' latest single Baby Asteroid offers listeners an escape, taking them on a celestial journey to a place far away from pain and solitude. It was conceived on the island of Corfu, on a starry summer night in a tiny village, untouched by the course of time. He was inspired by the idea of a weightless world, where harmony and serenity reign. A place where those who have passed away await those whom they have left behind. He sings “we were never alone, we were never alone.” 

With the accompanying music video created by fashion filmmaker Marie Schuller, Baby Asteroid is an anthemic and upbeat sound reminiscent of MGMT and The E Street Band. Its distinctive analogue synths and brass stabs help to spread the message that amongst all the alienation and forfeit, there can still be hope.

Baby Asteroid is out now via Mimosa's Dream Records.

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