Lewis Fieldhouse

Lewis Fieldhouse


Lewis Fieldhouse released Not Done Loving You, his first single release in over two years, in April 2015.

Not Done Loving You was written when Lewis lived in Liverpool and he explains, ‘I used to busk a lot on Liverpool’s Church Street and a couple of months after I broke up with my ex, she walked past whilst I was playing. Now, the break up was fine, it didn’t hurt at all until that moment. I don’t think she even saw me, but I wanted the ground to swallow me up. So I wrote a song about that feeling. I wrote the guitar part and then the rest just kinda fell out.’

Originally from the North of England, Lewis’ roots are firmly in the USA's south west. Lewis believes in the tradition of songwriters such as Paul Simon and Brian Wilson, bringing his own lyrical eye for the absurd and sincere. In Liverpool, Lewis was part of the burgeoning grass roots indie scene and counts Dan Croll, Mikhael Paskalev and All We Are as friends. He also makes up one of the four in alt rock outfit The Old Silent, who toured with Morcheeba on their last full UK tour.

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