"Pop that is unashamed to be pop, that is plastic, fantastic, and completely in your face.” - Clash

Following the success of their debut single Reckless, 90s loving, denim-clad electro pop duo Lara and Lo aka Lowla return with their brand new EP Walls, out now via DIY.

Lowla have set out to create a diverse and inspired collection of songs on Walls. Their own unique brand of fun alt pop is ever present but the meaning behind the songs is a little more serious this time around with the girls focussing on relationships and the world around them but there are still some light-hearted moments in-between.

Title track 'Walls' flows with delicate harmonies, alongside grittier vocals, tribal beats and screeching riffs. Carrying topical themes of revolution and social awareness, the track is a step away from the romantic reflections of previous single 'Reckless' and sets out to look at the bigger picture. Of the track Lowla say: “‘Walls is all about the here and the now and the world that we live in. It's a very personal number for us. We truly believe in the power of people getting together and making a change.”

‘Those Days Are Gone’ is about a broken relationship and inner conflict whilst ‘Money Doesn’t Matter’ looks at the disparity between the classes - the rich becoming rich, whilst the poor struggle. However, the EP ends on a more positive note with ‘Electrified’ - the track asks us to focus on the positives in life, our relationships and the ones we love.

Meeting by chance when creative stylist Lara featured as a guest vocalist on a track that Lo was producing, Lowla was born and the pair continue to pride themselves on their musical and visually pioneering creations.

After the success of 'Reckless', Lowla aim to move forward into different territory with their latest EP and as pop artists, exploring more serious ground but with an undying love of denim. Some things never change!

Lowla’s EP Walls is out now via DIY.