Mano’s Daughter

Mano’s Daughter


"Mano's Daughter do 10-tonne synth pop impeccably..." - The 405

Mano’s Daughter released EP Shiver on 22nd September 2014 following their debut EP Smart, which received high praise online from the likes of The 405, Artrocker, Contactmusic and God Is In The TV

Mano’s Daughter presented five perfectly formed, intelligent synth pop tracks that move in a darker direction from their debut effort. ‘What’s A Girl Supposed To Do’ unravels slowly crescendoing into a massive, flourishing chorus that demonstrates front woman Sarah Carter’s powerful, soulful vocals. The song is about a girl trying to be the right person but stuck in the wrong relationship, based on a tragic love story. ‘Wheels’ is a cross between Foxes and Lorde, however, ‘Little Heart’ and ‘This House’ are completely stripped-down, lounge like and seductive - exhibiting the band’s different facets. Musically, the band are taking us on their own personal journey as they stretch their own boundaries, especially with closing track ‘You’. It’s an 8-minute epic that mirrors the shimmering melancholy of MS MR. Each song on the EP is Mano’s Daughter’s take on love and relationships but the tragic side of love that teaches us lessons and shows us who we need to be.

Consisting of Sarah Carter (Vocals), Matthias Garrick (Synths, programming) and Dan See (Drums), the London based band are one of the most hardworking on the scene and with influences ranging from Bon Iver to Moloko, Mano’s Daughter put their songs at the heart of their identity, spinning epic lyrical stories that paint a picture of what it’s like to be at the heart and soul of the band as they sonically wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Shiver was released via Smart & Shiver Records.