Matt and the Beanstalk

Matt and the Beanstalk


"...oozes anthemic, sweeping melodies and emotion-strewn vocals..."
- Gigslutz

Matt & The Beanstalk creates uplifting, inspirational pop on his debut single Symphony. The track, released on 14th April 2017 via Beanstalk Records, combines soaring melodies and a brass-infused indie sound that was produced and created with the help of Newcastle based producer Bramwell Bronte.

Symphony explores the story of a metaphorical angel who struggles to believe in herself, yet doesn’t realise that she’s already proven herself to society. Love is a key topic that surrounds the song, as it’s love that drives her to success throughout. The track itself is energetic and fun in contrast to the lyrics. “Matt” writes lyrics that focuses on dissimilarities and allow the listeners to create their own concepts and tell their own story.

Matt & The Beanstalk is a brand new project of the Nottingham based artist, brand new to the scene since November 2016. The fact that both Bramwell Bronte and “Matt” were the only two to play all the instruments on the single is an impressive start to his musical journey and with influences like Kate Bush, Hall and Oates and Darwin Deez we can only expect to hear more memorable melodies from Matt in 2017.

Matt & The Beanstalk’s single Symphony is out now via Beanstalk Records.