Mausi, fronted by Italian born siblings Daisy and Thomas Finetto, formed after meeting Ben Brown and Benji Huntrods at university in Newcastle. After ambitiously performing an accappella cover of Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” at their first gig, the foursome were convinced of their undoubted talent and decided to go off and write some songs. Mausi were officially born.

The band wasted no time in releasing their debut single, Follow Me Home, via Racecar Music, a label they set up themselves, in March. The single exhibited the uplifting harmonies allied to an alternative pop sound that splices the best elements of bands such as Phoenix and Mates of State.

New single, Sol, further enhanced Mausi’s reputation to produce fun, danceable tunes, building on the pop foundations with subtle disco influences from the likes of Damn Arms and Pony Pony Run Run. Daisy and Thomas’ harmonies melt your heart with a sense of warmth and positivity backed up by a beat that it is unashamedly dancey. Backing lyrics exclaiming “Dance, Dance, Dance” highlight the band's intentions and elevate Sol to loveable catchy levels.

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