". . .the fact that they’ve got huge melodies and a sense of quirky fun suggests they’re definitely at home in the classic rock arena.
- Classic Rock Magazine

After the success of their debut album The Worries, Danish boys Mimas return with their second offering Lifejackets. It’s is a natural progression from the intricate post-rock of their debut. Lifejackets feels like a beautiful journey through the hearts and minds of Danish boys Snævar Albertsson (vocals, guitar, trumpet), Daniel Beck (guitar), Lasse Dahl (drums) and Gert Jørgensen (bass, vocals).

Lifejackets features beautiful, meandering melodies and simple, refreshingly peculiar musings on life and love; they are a band who are insistent on not taking themselves too seriously, however this is an album that simply must command your attention. Magnificent.

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