Miss Kenichi

Miss Kenichi


"atmospheric, electronica-inflected folk"
- The Guardian

Berlin based musician and artist Katrin Hahner is Miss Kenichi. Miss Kenichi’s third album The Trail out now via Sinnbus, is Katrin’s journey into her own, quiet, magical place where her memories and experiences echo hauntingly through each song.

Opening with ‘Tale Of Two Rivers’, the track is boldly quiet, it’s her statement of intent for The Trail. “I want things to have meaning…” Katrin says. She’s intrigued by stories and messages that “last longer than a summer.” You can hear this resonate through every track with Katrin’s delicate vocals floating over the dreamlike sound she’s created on this third album. Single ‘Who Are You’ is perhaps the darkest track but also the album’s standout as we reach the halfway point of Katrin’s musical pilgrimage into the ancient and unknown.

Katrin has been working with Earl Harvin, a collaborator with the likes of Air, Seal and Joe Henry and currently drummer for Tindersticks. Having joined Miss Kenichi increasingly on tour and in rehearsal studios over the preceding two years, he was a natural choice as co-producer for the record. She describes him as "intuitive, humble and badass," and her affection for him and her delight in what he contributed are evident.

Dark like the woods, but with shafts of light piercing through the trees, The Trail is a record that initially seems full of shadows and gloom, but whose beauty lends it a vital optimism. Leaning lyrically upon the nature amid which she grew up, with frequent references to mountains, rivers, storms and skies scattered throughout, The Trail is full of songs that outgrow their origins, thriving and blossoming as they develop. With The Trail, Miss Kenichi has created an album that is boundlessly immersive, full of wisdom, grace and wonder.

The Trail is out now via Sinnbus/Rough Trade.

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