Nitkowski (Function Records)


Nitkowski are Dan, Alex and Ed. They make beautifully complex, wonderfully austere music. Imagine the visceral energy of Rodan, the intimate melodic moments of The Shipping News and the catchy jerkiness of Shellac and you're almost there. The band has only been playing live shows since April 2008 but have impressed everyone lucky enough to witness this three-man marvel.

The band released their debut album Chauffeurs on Function Records on 7th September 2009. Chauffeurs quickly gained the Nitkowski boys some great reviews, including a tremendous 4 Ks in Kerrang!

Chauffeurs is a perfect example of Nitkowski's ability to write mesmerising 3-minute wonders and fast-paced to rhythmically complex 6-minute masterpieces. This is a band with many strings to their bow and their debut and live performances are guaranteed to blow your head away.

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Nitkowski on tour