Peter J. Taylor

Peter J. Taylor


Peter James Taylor is a musician, composer and former baritone guitar player for Action Beat. Taylor left the band to pursue other limitless musical ventures resulting in his stunning debut album, Mate. He resides in the darkest depths of England's political dementia, preferring to remain biographically anonymous so his music can speak for itself.

Written for six guitars and drums, Mate is a discordant nightmare in the vein of Glenn Branca. It’s dark and sometimes epic compositions take no prisoners in its mission to melt your mind. It’s an instrumental masterpiece, exploring chaotic sonic soundscapes and discord, while pushing its musicians to their very limits. Each track presents a frantic collision of melody and distortion, backed up by the frenetic rhythm of the drums. The tunes don't so much hook you but grab you by the scruff of the neck and demand you pay attention. From the staccato machine gun attack of opening track, "Clifford", and its schizophrenic question and answer structure, to the relentless power of closing track "Red Schuhert". This is an album that highlights Taylor's skill as a composer, conducting members of The House Of John Player, Hired Muscle and Action Beat to fully realise his musical vision.

Peter is currently working on a new album to be released at the end of the year, and will be spending June and October touring Europe with his unconventional approach to live performance, introducing the masses to his darkly unique signature sound.

Mate will be released via Fortissimo records on June 27th 2011.

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