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"Quickbeam's debut is a thing of beauty." - The Scotsman

Glasgow based band Quickbeamreleased their self-titled debut album on 3rd June through Scottish label Comets & Cartwheels.

Originally formed in 2010 by Monika Gromek (Vocals/Harmonium) and Andrew Thomson (Guitar/Vocals/Piano), the band have since evolved into a four-piece with the addition of Liam Chapman (Drums) and Ruth Campbell (Cello). Having released their first single Seven Hundred Birds to widespread critical acclaim last year, Quickbeam captured the hearts and minds of the music community once more.

The resulting collection of songs captured on the album further revealed Quickbeam’s growing maturity as songwriters and highlights the chemistry between the members - orchestrally arranged strings, brass, and rich harmonium pitted against thunderously distorted guitar passages and pounding rhythms. As a result, Quickbeam showcased their undoubted skills by producing an album filled with melancholic beauty which captivates the listener to stunning effect.

Previous single 'Immersed', sums up the bands intentions perfectly. Opening with Ruth’s gorgeous cello and allied by Monika’s striking vocals, the song builds beautifully throughout before upping the pace as it comes to a close, finishing with snapping incessant drums, quickening piano all knitted together with the aforementioned cello as the instruments interplay wonderfully. In contrast the following track ‘Mountains’ is instrumental, a further indication of the bands schizophrenic creativity, displaying a diversity to Quickbeam’s work the likes of which Sigur Ros and Low would be proud of.

Quickbeam celebrated the launch of their debut album at a very special event in the disused Victorian swimming pool of Govanhill Baths on 31st May 2013.

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