Rag Foundation

Rag Foundation


"...poised to step into the bright lights of commercial success..."
- Folk Radio UK

Rag Foundation present their fourth album, The Sparrow & The Thief, released 29th June 2015 via Rhondda Street Studio Recordings.

The album is a narrative tour de force, with singles Run and Keep The Lights Low showcasing their ability to create sumptuous vocal harmonies interlaced with intricate indie folk compositions which bear comparison to the likes of Noah & The Whale and The Decembrists with elements of Fleetwood Mac. The band’s folk background is evident throughout, but shines brightest on tracks such as ‘Sparrow Song’ and ‘Freedom is a Stranger’.

The band have always been fascinated by the dark stories behind certain songs - murder, betrayal, infidelity - essentially all the good things in life. With The Sparrow & The Thief they’ve produced a folk tinged collection of tales that they’re keen for listeners to explore.

Rag Foundation are Neil Woolard (vocals), Richard Cowell (guitar & vocals), Daniel Kilbride (bass & vocals), Kate Ronconi (fiddle, banjo, keys & vocals) and Huw Rees (percussion & vocals), five people brought together by their working class, traditional roots. Based in Swansea, the band are as comfortable performing traditional welsh songs written centuries ago as they are writing contemporary, alternative folk that explores the darker side of humanity.

Rag Foundation will be spending the rest of 2015 touring the UK, spreading their music as far as they can.

The Sparrow & The Thief is released 29th June 2015 via Rhondda Street Studio Recordings.

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