As the son of Farma G (Task Force) and nephew of Chester P (Task Force) and Mike Skilla (Dominant Force), Remus has a rich musical background, which has seen him record and perform with top UK artists since the age of ten.

But now, with the release of The Uprising, Remus is set to become the Task Force front man for the very first time – an exciting prospect for those who know about Task Force’s influence on British urban music.

The 15 track mix CD, which will be sold on, provides the British urban music scene with a taste of what can be expected from the 17-year-old’s bright career.

Remus, real name Aaron Johnson, can be described as a spokesman for his generation and a lyrical perfectionist. He uses highly evolved rhyming patterns to deliver diverse content – ranging from the deep social commentary found on tracks like Stereotype, to the verbal pugilism exhibited on hard-hitters such as La la la.

It is Remus’s talent, intelligence and ambition combined with his coveted musical background that ensures he is one to watch. Not only in 2010, but for as long as he is making music.

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