"pure, enchanting vocals"- Gigwise

"beautiful"- Clash

Reverieme (aka Louise Connell) taught herself how to play guitar with her nose when she was 15. Since then, she has progressed to using both hands, and expanded her repertoire to include the banjo and the ukulele. She spent the year before releasing her latest EP, Or Else The Light carefully cataloguing the musical maelstrom inside her head, the product of which is but a small selection gained from that process. The rest of her songs are lying dormant, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

A combination of melancholic, hopeful, dark and insular sounds, there is a distinct edge to Reverieme’s songwriting. Steering away from a single grandiose theme, each track on the EP exists in its own separate world, with its own personal story - some are gloriously offbeat, whilst others, like ‘Plankton’, are haunting and heartbreaking. The meaning behind these songs is very much left up to the listener to decide. She has an undeniable folk influence, but peppered with a pop sensibility that makes her sound all the more universal.

Louise has been influenced by those who have walked before her, such as Jenny Lewis, Kimya Dawson, Amanda Palmer and Regina Spektor, but instead of treading the same path she has chosen to create her own, so others may one day follow. On stage, she may or may not be joined by other talented friends to help her elevate her music before it reaches the audience as the occasion demands.

Reverieme has already supported acclaimed acts such as Gotye, Emmy The Great and Newton Faulkner and performed at T in the Park and Wickerman festival, to name but a few. 2015 will see her return to Wickerman on July 25th, and she’ll also be performing various acoustic gigs in and around Scotland before heading to Sweden in late July/early August.

Or Else The Light is out now via 9th Story Records.

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