German multi-instrumentalist RIPL returns to our ears with his second single, EMA.

Oozing RIPL’s soaring, impassioned vocals and delicate strummed guitar melodies, EMA is a truly infectious slice of rich folk-pop. Reflecting on those times in life when you try desperately to make yourself heard, it’s an emotion-strewn creation, with a sound akin to Frank Turner, showcasing RIPL’s enigmatic songwriting ability.

Since moving to Scotland in 2014, RIPL has been making a name for himself on the live circuit, charming crowds at open mic nights across the country. RIPL taught himself to play guitar at the age of six and has since become the first German musician to record at the renowned Abbey Road studios in 2011. He has also recorded this new single alongside Grammy Award nominated producer Adam Coltman (Ed Sheeran).

EMA is out now.