Robbie Flanagan

Robbie Flanagan


Robbie Flanagan has announced the release of his debut album, Remember To Forget, out now via Home Recording.

Remember To Forget is a beautifully constructed acoustic album, with each track falling effortlessly into the next. Album opener ‘The City Who Forgot’ is filled with soft, smooth guitar picking and Robbie’s warm, whispered and hypnotic vocals and sets the perfect tone for the rest of the release. The album’s title reflects on various events Robbie has experienced over the years and the emotions he has had to come to terms with, expressed effortlessly through intricate guitar trills and luscious harmonies. Tracks such as ‘Write Back’ and ‘Bygone’ are about past loves while ‘In The Garden Tree’ is a reflective and introspective look at the songwriter and his feelings of loneliness.

Robbie Flanagan started out as a solo singer/songwriter in 2008 after playing in several bands whilst growing up in Aberdeen, Scotland. His influences range from Sufjan Stevens, Nick Drake and Elliott Smith to name but a few and he has had the opportunity in October 2014 to support one of his musical inspirations, Scott Mathews. Robbie is keen to follow in their footsteps, and has plans for a UK tour in the near future.

Remember To Forget is out now via Home Recording.

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