"Spikey…” - Tom Robinson

“…Psychedelia, wah wah and smooth harmonies!" - Afro Punk

London duo Sabatta are preparing to unleash their inimitable style of rock music to a wider audience through the release of sophomore album Misfit Music, out now via Blackfriars Entertainment.

Combining a multitude of influences, Sabatta embrace their love of rock, punk, funk, metal, soul and psychedelic music to create a genre defying album. Indeed, Sabatta’s mantra of ‘fuck genres, fuck labels, fuck rules and fuck fitting in’ is borne out on the aptly titled Misfit Music. Producing a record full of heavy riffs, heavy grooves and heavy beats, Sabatta revel in making uncompromising music for a new generation.

First single, the memorable ‘Scream Of Consciousness’, melds the playful interaction of male/female vocals with booming, in your face riffs, offering a cerebral take on modern life, the angst we experience and how to survive it. While, album opener and forthcoming single ‘Rock Star Shit’, complete with the billowing distortion of Yinka Oyewole's (guitar, vocals) guitar, is a satirical take on the misconceptions of being a ‘rock star’.

Originally formed by charismatic frontman Yinka in 2013, Sabatta have gone through a number of incarnations before the addition of Adriano Siani (drums) in 2015 and Debbie Dee (bass, backing vocals) in 2016 completed the line-up. With Adriano having departed recently, Sabatta have now settled permanently as a two-piece. 2017 was the band’s breakout year, picking up support from the likes of German magazine C-Heads, who featured Sabatta in a photo series celebrating the UK Person of Colour punk scene, as well as Afro Punk, BBC Radio 6’s Tom Robinson and Gary Crowley's BBC Introducing London show. Sabatta have also wowed audiences with their electric live show having appeared at Dublin Fringe Festival, the Decolinise Punk Fest, alongside Skinny Girl Diet, and Punx of Colour Fest in New York.

Misfit Music by Sabatta is out now via Blackfriars Entertainment.

Sabatta on tour