Shambles In A Husk

Shambles In A Husk


...taking rock music into some uncharted - and fascinating - territories." - Big Cheese Magazine

Shambles In A Husk continue their aural assault with free download track 'Medications'.

Both the track and the accompanying video were premiered exclusively by Big Cheese Magazine, but you can now stream and download the track for free from the band's official SoundCloud.

'Medications' is hectic, in-your-face brilliance channelling bands like Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Adebisi Shank and Refused.

Based in Glasgow, Steven Murray (Guitar & Vocals), Kyle Shields (Guitar & Vocals), Jonathan Beveridge (Drums) and Mandy Clarke (Bass) formed Shambles In A Husk from the remnants of Crusades, Super Adventure Club and The Darien Venture in late 2013. Despite the keen support from the likes of The Herald, This Is Fake DIY, Rock Sound, Amazing Radio and many more, they decided to make a fresh start so they could hone their talents as songwriters and develop their live shows. The band are heavily influenced by the Washington DC DIY scene and the ethos of bands such as Fugazi and Black Flag.

With three more singles in the pipeline, and their debut EP slated to wrap up 2014 along with a European Tour, previously released single 'Cowboy Doom' and now free track 'Medications' is only the first step for a band that’s sure to cause a ruckus on the UK’s rock and metal scene.

'Medications' is released via Red Medicine Records.

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