"I dig it and look forward to more."
- Artrocker Magazine (online)

Stylusboy is the acoustic creation of Steve Jones, a Coventry bred guitarist and vocalist. He cut his teeth playing guitar and bass for a number of bands, and gigging extensively before finally stripping down his sound, and venturing into the wilderness to produce his own personal blend of lo-fi alternative folk.

This year marked the return of Stylusboy with the 6 track EP, Whole Picture, released on Lazy Acre Records. It showcases Steve's laid back vocals and guitar style beautifully, with stripped down production and expertly crafted lyrics that speak to the soul. The backing vocals provided by Steve's close friend Rachel Grisedale add an extra dimension to the songs, turning gorgeous melodies into a rich and sumptous harmony that bring to mind the first rush of love, or the warm summer air of the countryside bathed in sunlight. There's also a dark beauty contained within Steve's songwriting, with closing track "Dave's Song" capturing the sensation of loss and grief felt when faced with the death of a friend. It's an impressive contrast, and a testament to his skill as a lyricist.

Having already gained a strong following with his intimate live performances, that have seen him play alongside Newton Faulkener and The King Blues as well as enchanting the crowds from the mainstage of the Godiva Festival, this year is destined to see Stylusboy make his mark on the UK folk scene.

Whole Picture was released by Lazy Acre Records on MP3 and limited edition CD 6th June 2011.

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