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Super Tennis


Based in North London, Super Tennis is a three-piece band playing indie-pop that Henman would approve of, but they don't care because Tim Henman is a dork. 'Super Tennis Theme Song' is the perfect example of what Mike Williams describes as 'wrong-pop'. Make of that what you will. A three way yelped vocal attack, extolling the virtues of 'hawkeye' technology and 'colour tv', it's a two-minute blast of infectious lo-fi pop that will leave you with a grin.

Formed in 2007, Tom McEnro (guitar), Kev Perry (bass) and Bob Beker (drums) draw influences from bands such as Karate, The Dismemberment Plan and Hall and Oates, melding them together to form an exciting and unpredictable collection of songs for this debut record. Recorded with John Hannon at No Recording Studio, the 10 inch release is backed with three accompanying tracks. The raw and breathless charm of 'Billy Ocean' is complemented by 'Yaphet Kotto' and brooding 7-minute closer 'The Pacific Has No Memory'.

With a sound and ambition that gives nods to post rock and math rock, and an intention to root their songs in pop, this is a melodic and beat-heavy record for people who like shouting, smiling and having a good time, all the time.

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