Talking Violet

Talking Violet

Canadian four-piece Talking Violet is excited to share their sparkling dreamy sound with a world-wide audience as they prepare to release the video for single Sparjammer 67, available to stream and download now.

Taken from their debut EP Round Dreams, Sparjammer 67 sees Talking Violet produce a scintillating slice of dream-pop. Jangling, reverb-ridden guitars engulf your ears from the first note and are enhanced further by the warm embrace of Jill Goyeau’s swooning, hazy vocals.

Taking on themes of unity and the delicate moments we share with one another, Sparjammer 67 came together while the band was wandering around Kensington Market one Toronto night. Inspired by their surroundings, the song is meant to serve as an illustration for something that glows in darkness as the city did that evening.

Featuring the aforementioned Jill Goyeau (vocals, guitar), Jay Turnbull (vocals, guitar), Nate Blackton (vocals, bass) and McKenzie Burrows (drums), the band formed in Windsor, Ontario in 2016 initially as a two-piece acoustic act. As the band expanded to four members, so did their sound. With such varied musical backgrounds, Talking Violet have concocted a diverse range of genres into their songwriting which is evident as you work your way through the brilliant Round Dreams EP. Now, with the release of the Sparjammer 67 video, Talking Violet are looking to announce themselves to the world.

Sparjammer 67 is taken from the Round Dreams EP and is available to stream and download now.

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