The Beaux Hardts

The Beaux Hardts


The Beaux Heardts began life in Southampton. The fraternal two-piece retreated into a small bedroom on Hill Lane and began to rehearse alone. And when they emerged no-one knew what to make of it.

On the 26th October 2005, under the name Leisure, the pair set up to play their first set as a two-piece. The audience was treated to over half an hour of solid noise reminiscent of And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead, Bluetip and Hella. The pair’s penchant for oblique time signatures and speedy rehearsals had meshed a ten-song set into a one-song progressive punk rock marathon.

The brothers extensively gigged providing support for indie rock duo Two Gallants (Saddle creek), touring the UK with Moneytree (Sotones) and Blakfish (Hassle Records) and playing in the explosive punk rock band Joe Parker and the Power. Songs like “Gravity”, “Order” and “5” had become enmeshed into the solid live sets which had begun to attract the attentions of local producer Neil Kennedy (The Ranch). Under the new name The Beaux Hardts they began recording.

The digital reissue of their EP Leisure sees a broad range of influences. Some tracks are clearly influenced by the Dischord aesthetic and recall the raw production values and inherent whimsicality of Fugazi’s (Dischord) early work. Others are more primal and direct, featuring sporadic drum fills underneath rhythmically challenging explosions of stripped down ferocity from Rob’s guitar and vocals.

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