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The Birthday Suit


"...marking their place in the rich field of Scottish rock." - NME

The Birthday Suit’s third album A Hollow Hole Of Riches was their most cohesive yet. Returning in November 2013 with single A Bigger World, the track earned the band a place on XFM’s evening playlist as well as a guest spot for frontman Rod Jones on Steve Lamacq’s Roundtable on BBC 6Music. With this album, it felt as though Rod transcended his Idlewild roots, proving himself to be one of Scotland’s finest songwriting talents.

Opener, A Bigger World features Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit - it’s a rousing three minutes of swelling vocals, strings and catchy riffs. Rod’s ear for a catchy indie tune was also present on second single ‘All Of this Everything’ and ‘Sold Your Soul’ and it becomes quite apparent who melodic backbone of Idlewild was. However, there are also really beautiful moments as well as the ‘foot stompers’ on the album. ‘Love Isn’t Love’ is elegant and honest, whilst ‘Tonight Is Broken Hearted’ feels like the band’s defining anthemic moment in the sun.

Having written three albums now with The Birthday Suit, Rod has had a chance to play with the music, stretching his boundaries and finally enjoying making music for the pure love of it after 15-years writing and recording with Idlewild. He’s grown into his frontman shoes, which is apparent live with Rod’s self-deprecating humour, wit and hard working passion coming to the fore.

A Hollow Hole Of Riches is about isolation - each one of us existing within our own small world, but that's not to say the lyrics are bleak - far from it. It's a celebration of diversity, and the constant shifting nature of perspective. Rod has used this new perspective to grow into a better musician and songwriter. A Hollow Hole Of Riches stood out as the band’s statement of intent moving forward as a group and not just Rod Jones and The Birthday Suit.

The Birthday Suit’s second single All Of This Everything was released via Sing It Alone. The single was chosen by Steve Lamacq’s BBC 6Music listeners, with fans choosing between two tracks from the forthcoming album (A Hollow Hole Of Riches) - All Of This Everything and Tonight Is Broken Hearted.

A Hollow Whole Of Riches is out now via Sing it Alone.

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