The Dirty Blonde

The Dirty Blonde


"The latest in a long line of great bands from Glasgow..." - Gigwise

"Neighbourhood friends with a taste for melody..." - Clash

Growing up together in a neighbourhood of Glasgow has gifted The Dirty Blonde with a connection that’s much sought after in musical circles - a raw honesty that emanates throughout the music they create. The band play what they enjoy, refusing to be bound by genre, while taking inspiration from the works of bands such as R.E.M. and DIY heroes Ween, as well as an early exposure to Scotland’s fabled folk scene.

The result is the band’s sophomore album, Sugarmilk, which refuses to sit still, jumping from the fuzzed out garage rock of tracks such as ‘Rosey-Eyed’ and ‘Take You Under’ to the introspective alternative shoegaze of ‘Bottom Feeder’ and ‘Start Over’, with the rest falling somewhere in between, fusing the two together into a cohesive, alt-rock whole. Take You Under, which was released as a single earlier this year, may sound like a staple indie dance floor filler, but it’s soon elevated to greatness by Danny Gallagher’s high energy gravel coated vocals allied to the beautifully constructed interplay between guitars, bass and drums.

Buzzing with musical energy from a young age, former members and brothers Danny (lead vocals & guitar) and Paddy Gallagher (bass & vocals) along with current members Dean Canale (drums) and David Rybacki (guitar & vocals) were often kicked out of music classes at school, but refused to be discouraged as they experimented with a range of electronics, pedals and any other noise-making devices, as they attempted to push their sound to the limit.

Having spent the last few years playing around Glasgow and the UK, including sold out shows at Nice’N’Sleazy and The 13th Note, the boys used the proceeds to set up their own rehearsal and recording studio, and are now ready to share their debut album with the world at large.

Sugarmilk is out now via Two States Recording.

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