The Duke Spirit

The Duke Spirit


"...their sharpest, bravest album to

- Q Magazine

"...steeped in an aura of reverb and psychedelia..."

- Consequence of Sound

"...easily one of Britain's best experimental

rock outfits."
- Gigwise

"...lush and spongey while also swaggering along with a muscular grace."
- Stereogum

Following last year’s acclaimed album KIN and November's EP SerenadeThe Duke Spirit march on with poignant new album Sky Is Mine, out now via Ex Voto Records.

Produced by the band themselves, and mixed by Bruno Ellingham (Massive Attack), it also features guest vocals by long time friends Josh T Pearson (Lift to Experience) on the woozy ‘How Could, How Come’, and Duke Garwood on album closer ‘Broken Dream’.

On Sky Is Mine each song approaches, revises, steps back and looks for humanity on a planetary scale. From the shimmering melodies and prodigious power of tracks like ‘Magenta’ and ‘See Power’ to the energy-fuelled psychedelic rock of ‘Houses’ and ‘Yoyo’, the album flows with a dark, beguiling grandeur with the majestic allure of Liela Moss’ crystal vocals. Sky Is Mine looks at harm, control and lack of love but burns through it to find the essential human heart.

Talking about the album, front-woman Liela Moss explains: "Sonically, it's the most tender record we have made, the expansiveness will lift hearts but the rawness will burn through greedy fingers. Lyrically, this is where I stand... With feet cold and wet from standing in the sludge of fear that is the world we tread upon, this album snapshots a palpitating heart that values above all things, life. Half-finished sentences describe nasty bits and pieces, shards of cruelty as they are dissolved by being pissed on from a great height with a stream of golden, glowing benevolence!"

Continuing to prove themselves as one of the UK’s most enduring and distinctive rock acts, The Duke Spirit are known for their captivating live shows and will continue to hypnotise listeners with the sweeping power of Sky Is Mine.

Sky Is Mine is out now via Ex Voto Records.

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