The Hate Eighties

The Hate Eighties


The Hate Eighties are an experiment in story telling. They are a large scale work of art looking at the connection between creativity and commerce, the relationship we have with material objects, and the different struggles we face in a heavily profit driven world. Rather than just showing up the injustices that we all face in the current neoliberal capitalist system they hope to lead you down the road to a better future.

Their debut album POW takes place in an alternative past or a possible future and tells the story of how one company rebrands the ideals of an alt-capitalist group and sells it to the world. They are transmedia. They are post modern. They are Sebastian & Lucius, two Glaswegian artists influenced by the music of Chvrches, Aphex Twin, Nine Inch Nails, the humour of Chris Morris, and the onstage charisma of Timmy Cappello, the topless Saxophonist from The Lost Boys. The combination is distilled agitprop electronica, wrapped up in songs disguised as hip hop, alternative rock and EDM.

They create physical artwork for each one of their songs and have been known to share them with the worthy. You may have already seen their advertisements plastered up around your town, or heard them on the radio in between the frequencies of popular stations. They exist in your peripheral vision, and they’ve decided it’s time for them to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

Lucius provides vocals, keyboards, programming, guitars, bass and saxophone. Sebastian provides vocals, keyboards, programming, guitars and bass. You provide the audience.

POW is released 9th October 2015 via Walton Xi Huang Media.

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