The Last September

The Last September


The Last September released their third album Volcano via Fountainhall Records on 20th October 2014. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the album was funded completely independently, allowing the Edinburgh based band the creative freedom to produce something truly remarkable.

Volcano is an album which is as much about city life as it is influenced by the solitary simple life among the birds and bees which frontman Pete Deane embraced during a sabbatical in the Scottish countryside. The Last September took Peteʼs basic ideas and developed them into vibrant, living breathing pieces of music, greater in scope than just the singer-songwriter based music of their previous albums. The tracks explore themes of belonging, desire, isolation and memory. It became apparent during the writing and development of the songs, that there was also a central location. Much like the character of a city which lends itself to the theme of a film, Volcano is also informed and mindful of one place: Edinburgh and the hills around it. The volcanoes, the history and the people - it has all seeped in and made this album an insightful and haunting collection of musical vignettes.

Earning his stripes playing in Edinburgh-based indie hopefuls Suburbia (which gave him the opportunity to work with renowned producer Tony Visconti), Pete (guitar & vocals) boldly struck out on his own musical path 2004. Along the way he collected a number of like-minded eccentrics, including David Bishop (bass), Craig Nicholson (guitar), Archie MacFarlane (accordion & keyboard), and the line-up was complete once Simon ʻthe Mad Dukeʼ Usher sat down behind the band’s drum kit in 2013.

Volcano was released via Fountainhall Records.

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