The Lunchtime Sardine Club

The Lunchtime Sardine Club


Brighton based artist The Luchtime Sardine Club aka Oliver Newton (Yndi Halda / Bermuda Ern / St. Coltrane) introduced his unique brew of ‘ lo-fi psych-folk’ with his debut album Icecapades, on August 12th 2013 via Sonic Anhedonic Recording Co.

The album is a collection of short stories, such as the death of a boxer, the sleepy sickness epidemic of the 1920s, the mysterious disappearance of three lighthouse keepers, an old woman’s embalming and murderous distortion.

“Charon and the Boxer” opens the album gently crescendoing into a cacophony of guitars and violins, however, straight into “I’m... Jesuschristmaam”, here Newton hones a sound akin to American artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Bowerbirds. Although there’s a quiet joyfulness underlying each track, some take on a more atmospheric, introspective feeling as heard on “Quesadillas” and “Old Truths, Rare Grooves”, which would not be out of place on an Andrew Bird record. As the record comes to a close, the music slowly transforms into Midlake-esuqe vintage soundscapes. Icecapades is a truly wonderful, organic musical journey.

The Lunchtime Sardine Club grabbed the attention of Amazing Radio with the first single “Rumours” and also featured on a Big Scary Monsters best of... compilation in early 2013. With the sound branded as “a happier Elliott Smith circa 1998” by Brighton Noise, The Lunchtime Sardine Club’s Icecapades is the perfect concoction of Elliott Smith’s storytelling style and Grizzly Bear’s lo-fi folk.

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