The Marks Cartel

The Marks Cartel


The Marks Cartel kicked off the new year with the release of their debut single, Curtain Call, on 23rd February 2015 via Hamill Records.

Curtain Call is an evolved and raw take on the British rock sound, with dirty, grimy guitars blaring from the speakers, rhythmic, snapping drums and grizzly, emotive vocals. You can hear the band's influences shining through as they take elements of Oasis, mix it with a smattering of The Arctic Monkeys before blending it with a hint of Royal Blood. There are no bells and whistles here. This is unashamed rock and roll at its very best.

The Marks Cartel, who are comprised of Matt Turner (vocals and guitar), Kristian Tabram (guitar and vocals), Rhodri Allcock (bassist and vocals) and Emyr Lewis (drums), formed in 2013 when Matt and Kristian advertised for a bassist. Rhodri had never played bass before, but because he seemed like a nice chap and shared the same interest in music he was bought a bass guitar and told ‘You are now a bassist’. Rhodri and Emyr already knew each other, being 2 of the 6 people who live in the village of Cwmllynfell, and his drum playing had become the stuff of legend in the village. They then spent the next year rehearsing, a band without a name just out to perfect their sound, eventually settling on The Marks Cartel.

Since their inception, they’ve been on a number of adventures, sharing broken bones, stolen phones, and missing drummers mysteriously turning up 58 miles away from their last confirmed location. In short - they’ve been having a great time gearing up for their latest single.

Over the coming months the band will be releasing the b-side ‘Where Do I Go?’, playing a sold out show in Swansea on 5th December, followed by official single Curtain Call early next year and then will be heading back into the studio to record in February 2015.

Curtain Call was released 23rd February 2015 via Hamill Records.

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