Turnpike Glow

Turnpike Glow


Turnpike Glow released their debut EP Inflatable Optimism on 11th June 2012. The 4-track EP, mixed by Broken Social Scene and Los Campesinos producer Dave Newfeld, perfectly encapsulated their infectious indie pop sensibilities.

The EP is the perfect little slice of Turnpike Glow’s agenda - honest, unabashed indie exuberance. Opener “No More Dancing” shows that the band aren’t just about the sing along chorus - they have substance too. “Marie” showcases quirky guitars and summery songwriting not unlike Vampire Weekend. Previously released single 1986 continues the theme with the band writing one of the most infectious chorus’ you’ll hear in a while. The song is about “the heaviest snow to fall in Rome since 1986”, which also serves as the main lyrics for the chorus. Latest single and last track of the EP, The Turn, The Pike and The Glow, was inspired by the documentary ‘Inside Job’. Guitarist / vocalist Sandro notes “the track is an ironic take on off-shore banking and moral bankruptcy.” Despite the seemingly heavy subject matter, the band make light of it all with their signature upbeat indie tempos and catchy lyrics.

The title of the EP - Inflatable Optimism - not only mirrors the bands music but their outlook as well. “It took us a while to find our way as a band and to settle down in London. There were times for us when optimism had to be 'inflated' artificially. And more generally these aren't exactly rosy times we're living in so it's also a reflection of that in a way,” notes Sandro. Turnpike Glow aren’t all rosy cheeked indie enthusiasm, their cheerful songs front four, deep thinking individuals.

The band started life in Rome, in a scene marginalized by glossy Italian mainstream pop and insider trading. However, with their Pavement and Phoenix inspired sound, they soon found themselves supporting acts like The Futureheads and Cooper Temple Clause. In 2007 they started flying over to do live shows in London, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester. It wasn't long before Sandro Schiena (vocals/guitar/keys) and Giuseppe La Mela (vocals/bass/keys), the songwriting core of the band, moved to London armed with only their guitars and a bag full of European plug adaptors. One rainy Sunday, the pair bumped into (drums) busking on the tube in a giant sombrero. They talked, they laughed and eventually, they joined forces to become the Anglo-Italian indie pop powerhouse Turnpike Glow! Their line-up was recently complete with the addition of Tom P. Griffiths (guitar/BV’s).

The band have previously received airplay from Absolute Radio’s Frank Skinner and heavy support from Amazing Radio. Spinner featured 1986 as their Video of the Day whilst Classic Rock awarded The Turn, The Pike and The Glow their Track of the Day and websites like The 405 have hailed the band as “ludicrously catchy”.

Inflatable Optimism was released via Fünke Pop Records on 11th June 2012.